Yesterday was a rough day. 

Monday’s in general are difficult days but I was not prepared emotionally or physically for going back to work. When I got home I decided to skip yoga which I thought would be nice so I had time to relax but I was disappointed instead. Mostly in myself because I didn’t stick to my plan. Who doesn’t feel like that sometimes? 

Nick had gone golfing all day and when he came home I was watching Bones (of course). We sat in mostly silence until after dinner he suggested we go on a walk. 

He’s brilliant. 

  We ended up here. 
Thank you Jesus for a man who knows when it’s good to act like a kid again. 

 He was pretty excited about this (: 

  Swings are great except when you get older you feel like you’re gonna puke (kinda like how you feel looking at this picture).
   The playground lady definitely would’ve yelled at us for this. 
  I’d normally say this shot of me is ugly. And Nick might say he looks weird in it too. Yet, I love it. We were standing on that weird bouncy tube square thing that every playground has; he was jumping like crazy before this trying to make me fall off, (I didn’t) and right after that we took this picture. 

And this one.

 And then he surprised me with fro yo!  
He’s definitely my favorite human. 


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