Moving to Salt Lake, part 2

Goodness. December 6th is here and that means the move to SLC is about a month and a half away.

We’re making progress on our list – buying a car, selling things we no longer need or want, saving every bit of money we can. But neither one of us has a job there yet.

If I didn’t believe in Jesus, I would be 100% more stressed out about this. But every Sunday when I sit down to reflect on the past week and think of all He has provided in it, I’m comforted.

This week, we bought a car. Our first grown up purchase together & it feels amazing. We had some financial help from my dad which is incredible, but it is so fun to have something all our own.

This week also brought some somber news – someone we love was diagnosed with cancer, another has been in the hospital for quite a while. These things can be taxing on the faith. They force us to look at death, the possibility that we will lose someone we love. Even with faith, this can be excruciating.

A year and a half ago, I almost lost my brother. He has had issues with his liver since he was born and he had a transplant at 6 months old. In a terrifying spiral, his body began to reject his transplant. Over the course of a few months, he deteriorated quickly and was barely able to handle standing at my wedding. It was horrible and uncomfortable to realize his life was at the mercy of this single organ. Even more so was the idea that I began wishing someone would die so that he could live. Miraculously, he received a transplant the same week his doctor told my mom he may not make it to Friday. It was unbelievable. I sit here teary-eyed just thinking about it. He has been given another shot at life, and he takes that very seriously now.

I don’t know how I would have reacted if the transplant didn’t happen. This story has many more pieces that I will get to sharing at some point – support and love from people I didn’t even know. God used this to make me more like Him & He mercifully saved my brother’s life. He doesn’t always do that.



Well, this post got realer than anticipated.


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