one more day

Wow. Today is the last day in Ohio for a while. I’m not sure what to think about that.

Nick and I have been talking about this move for over a year. We have been planning and discussing and processing this dream and it’s finally here.

We leave tomorrow.

I leave behind my family, great friends, and a place I know better than anything else.

Nick does too.


What we’re going towards, we honestly don’t have a clue.

Right now it consists of snow, snowboarding, being cold, and more snow. (that’s what’s on my brain at least) It’ll be starting over. New jobs, new friends, a new church.

We’re especially sad about that last one. We started going to our current church three years ago when it was still called New Albany Church. We fell in love with the people there. We volunteered, made friends and the pastor there became an amazing counsel for us as we joined our lives in marriage. (He even convinced us to wait another year to get married – us crazy kids).

Now that church is called Five 14 Church and they’re building their own building in the next two years because they’ve outgrown the small elementary school gym they started in. It’s honestly been the biggest blessing to be a part of that growth and we will really miss being there every week.

My heart is definitely sad about that.

Moving also means missing out on things at home. We have friends who are getting married this spring and summer and it kills us to think we won’t be there for it.

I won’t get to drive 30 minutes to see my grandparents anymore. We won’t be able to rely on someone else to buy us groceries (; and who knows when we will be back for holidays.

We are making an enormous commitment. It is going to change everything about life as we know it right now.

I’m terrified. I’m also incredibly excited.

It’s a weird time for us. Saying goodbye to people doesn’t feel real. It almost feels like we’re going on an extended vacation, but we aren’t. The post office has a new address for us now. We aren’t going to live in Ohio anymore.

We’ll always be Buckeyes, of course.


Stay tuned for more of the adventure to Salt Lake City!

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