day 4

It’s been about a week since I last posted.

That can be explained by the fact that I left my laptop at home – ha, of course I did.

Also because I’ve been trying to figure out what to say.


The entire trip across the country feels like a blur. We stopped in Kansas City the first day to meet up with and pick up our friend Colin, then drove out to Boulder the next day. We spent a whole day exploring Boulder, CO which was amazing. When we got in the car the next day to head home, we thought the highway we needed to take was closed. Everyone was immediately upset. The only other option was to go through the mountains and that’s impossible and just stupid when you’re hauling a trailer behind you. Even if you have a 4WD car.

So we killed an hour basically trying to decide what to do. We finally just decided we’d wing it on I-80 and if it was closed, we’d stop and try the next day.

Luckily, it wasn’t closed. But the winds were about 40 mph and we were in the plains. Nothing was stopping that wind from blowing at us (yes at us) the entire time we were driving through Wyoming. It was pretty terrible. We could only drive at about 60 mph the whole day, and our car was working as if it was going 80 that entire time. But, we trudged along. It took about 10 hours to do a trip that should have been 8, and by the end of it, I was ready to cry.

We made it to our place around 8:30 Sunday evening and we were exhausted. Even still, we brought all our stuff inside and tried to get a few things situated.

To summarize – the beginning of our time in Salt Lake City was not awesome. Monday was mostly unpacking, trying to get things organized in this place. We went downtown that day and showed our friend Colin around too. But it was pouring and freezing cold. Two of my least favorite things.

Tuesday, Nick had to go to orientation for his new job in Park City. This job is actually pretty great. I don’t have a job yet, so it’s awesome that Nick was able to get one so quickly. This day I really enjoyed because the three of us went to downtown Park City and walked around, got lunch and it wasn’t too intense. That night, the boys wanted to go to In-N-Out but I stayed home because (ew) and also our entire kitchen needed unpacked and cleaned. Don’t worry, Nick helped me with the cleaning, but I wanted to just relax and unpack all the kitchen stuff by myself.

They were gone for about 45 minutes, but I had already finished 4 of the 6 boxes we had left. Organizing and cleaning is therapeutic for me, I’d say. I know Nick sees that as a blessing, haha.

& yesterday. The boys went to the slopes. And I stayed home all day. I worked out, made myself a smoothie, watched 5 episodes of Scandal and loved every minute of it. My good friend from college lives in SLC and she drove me around in the evening trying to help me find a dresser.  We didn’t have any luck, but it was really nice to get to spend time with a girl after all those boys were my only company.


I’ve been able to FaceTime with people from home a couple of times which is nice. But right now I’m feeling somber about the move. I woke up this morning a little in shock.

I live here now.

I think I haven’t written anything thus far because I’ve been processing my feelings about this place. We live in a basement apartment for now because our friend lives here and it’s cheap. But it smells like pee if there’s no candle lit and there’s mold in the shower.

This morning I walked up the stairs outside (weird, right) and just stood up there. I love the crisp, mountain air. I love being able to see peaks from wherever I stand in this city. I love that the trees and the birds still exist here the way they do in Ohio. I’ve always had a thing for the sound of those birds in the morning. They calm my heart.

I’m nervous about this new life and I kinda don’t like where we live, but it’s a smart call. Wisdom isn’t always fun. Is that a saying? I don’t know, but it should be.

I need a job, a routine again. I need to get out of this dungeon every day for a purpose. I want to feel like I am actually living here, like I have a life here, not just like I’m in limbo.

We also haven’t gotten groceries yet so I don’t have any coffee. That shouldn’t be a problem. But if it isn’t a problem for you, you must not be in college yet. Or you must not like routine. Or you haven’t moved across the country with two boys and a U-Haul trailer. Or had kids yet (which I haven’t but I know how important coffee is when you have).


I am confident there is something for me here. God has something for me outside of my husband’s love for snowboarding. Something that doesn’t have to do with anyone else, just me.

I’m hopeful I will know what it is soon.


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