life lately

  • I started a new job I like.
  • I’ve been cooking and baking like crazy.
  • I’m finally figuring out how I like to workout – (you won’t regret it)
    \\ side note, I made fun of that website for like years because the name sounded lame. I’m an idiot. It’s amazing. She even includes grocery lists which make my life 1000x easier.
  • It’s finally getting warm here.

Nick and I took advantage of the weather the other day and went on a walk in an area we’ve thought about moving to. We ran into this fairy tale type cottage with a huge fenced-in area that looked like an old dried up pond. But inside (and all over the yard) were chickens, a rooster, swans, an enormous turkey, and three peacocks!  They were all squawking like crazy when we walked by, so of course we walked in despite the “No Trespassing” signs that Nick conveniently “didn’t see”. Either way, I saw a peacock in real life for the first time and was dangerously close to a few over enthused hens. (I ran away before they could peck at me).

 No wordsUgh.

Aristocrat. Always makes me think of Aristocats. Anybody else?


  Peep the midgets rule graffiti….

  Hubs is learning how to take pics & I’m impressed – he told me what to do for this one.


I love hidden treasures like this. They make my heart happy. & this pillar had messages in it – a different one on every side. Genius.   

Whoever lives in this house with crazy birds running around (that could potentially run into the street or anywhere, really) is a fun person that I would like to meet. In my head it’s an old skinny man with a long white beard and disheveled hair that might yell at us to get off his property. And he would have if he had been awake on a Sunday to see us taking pictures of his pets and his brick gazebo with built in fireplace. His name is probably Edward. Good ol’ Edward. Thanks for the adventure.

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