grateful heart series (2) 

I could say I waited to do my next gratefulness post on Valentine’s Day on purpose, but that’s not true I’m just lazy.
On this Valentine’s Day, I am thankful for a man who tells me “there’s no reason to be stressed” enough times for me to believe it (and be annoyed). 

I’m thankful he is brutally honest when necessary. Like when he tells me I’m an irritable person. It’s true. I know it, most of my friends know it, but he has the balls to tell me. 

I am thankful that in the last (almost) 3 years we have learned that having our own hobbies and being our own people is massively important. 

I’m thankful for makeup.

I’m thankful for our incredible, hilarious neighbor. 

I’m thankful for people who want to buy the furniture we’ve had for less than a year because we’re already tired of it (oops).

I’m thankful for wine. 

I’m thankful for smart people who say things that make me throw my fist in the air and say YEAH. Like this:

Credit: Instagram @rupikaur_

All the praise hand emojis.

I’m thankful that I HAVE had strength and resilience in me, and that God has carried me through things I couldn’t handle alone.

I’m thankful for bible study books that challenge me to think about what I REALLY care about.

This week I am also thankful for all the things that have reminded me of my brother. Thursday marks 5 months since he passed and it seems to be getting a little easier to handle. Little things still catch my heart, though. Like last night the episode of Hawaii Five-0 nick and I watched was about a liver transplant (my brother had two of these) and this morning on the news they were discussing how organ donation numbers have risen in the last year.

These things make me smile through tears, thinking of him and how brave he was amidst all his medical issues. It will always be heartbreaking that he is gone, but I am happy remembering him as someone who survived because others were so generous. That being said, I’m thankful for every single person who has ever donated an organ or registered as a donor so their body can be used to save a life. I’m especially thankful for the two people who gave so my brother could have 25 years that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Happy Valentine’s Day, loves.

Hug your people tight today.

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