How To: choose the right lipstick for your skin tone (+ my current faves)

Hi friends! Happy National Lipstick Day.

Here’s the deal – I love makeup, but I get the most excited about lipstick (oh, and nail polish, does that count as makeup?). I love buying and trying new brands and different shades- but I don’t have an unlimited budget for this. My strategy has been to buy one or two (depending on price) at a time, and sometimes more if they’re on sale or I’m low on self-control….

A tip for saving some $$$ on makeup: I never go to Sephora or MAC or buy makeup at department stores! I also don’t really care too much/know too much about the ingredients in makeup – if it doesn’t make me break out or itch, we gucci. So if you do, I understand. You go! Who knows, maybe this will change as I learn more, but for now, the most important thing to me is budget. I do splurge sometimes, the budget just gives me limits and ya girl needs LIMITS.

In the beginning of this whole makeup journey, I had no idea what lipstick shade to buy and that really intimidated me because who wants their teeth to look yellow or their face be washed out? Nope. This fear made me stay away from lipstick until I found this on Pinterest: CLICK HERE FOR SUPER HELPFUL ARTICLE WOO!

HOLLA – freaking- LOO- YA, people.

Here’s what I figured out:

I only like silver jewelry, my veins look blue (ish) under my skin, and I usually burn before I tan so I have cool undertones. Yay!

Which means…. “lip colors with blue or purple undertones look best. So when you choose a red lip, steer away from orangey shades and veer more toward deep-bluish reds. Be careful with shades that are too light, as they can wash you out.” (


How helpful is that?? Go read it if you’re struggling to figure out the right shade for you. Seriously. Do it.

After I figured all this out, I looked on Pinterest and did some research on lipsticks brands that include shades in my zone. Then, I went to Target (yep) and picked out a few on the cheaper side (see number 4 below) to get me started and I loved them. I wore them as often as possible and got tons of questions about them! I always suggest elf to people. $3- $6 range in all of their products (mostly) and they are actually great quality, so they are perfect testers! No splurging and wasting.

After a few months I started branching out to new brands, shopped around and stuck with solid lipsticks (is this what they’re called? stick? Eh, I don’t know). And then I found LIQUID LIPSTICK. Y’all I know I am late to this game as of a few months ago but DAYYUMM this is magic stuff. I got a little tired of worrying about my lipstick transferring to literally everything so I straight up Googled “lipstick that stays” and BAM. Magic. I watched butt loads of Youtube reviews on all the brands before I stepped foot into Target and Walgreens again. Then I basically bought one of every popular brand (lol).

Total, I have about 20 lipsticks, but I wanted to share my top 6 favorites with you! Do you have any suggestions for new ones I should try? Leave them in the comments!! I am always excited to try new ones!




My first favorite is this light baby pink from Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor collection called HD Embrace. It’s not too bright and stands out just enough for it to look like I’m wearing lipstick but not be too overwhelming.


I wear this on dates or when I want to be dressed up in the spring & summer. It’s called matte lip color, but you can see it doesn’t fully dry. There’s still a little transfer with this one so it would be my choice if I needed color for photos or just a few hours.





The next is a solid lipstick from L’Oréal’s Colour Riche line called Fairest Nude.  Out of all the stick lipsticks I use, this formula is my absolute favorite. It applies so smooth and as you can see on my hand up there – it almost blends in! That’s how you know it’ll be a really good nude.

This one isn’t matte, so it does transfer easily. I love this one for an afternoon if I need a subtle addition to natural makeup. I typically wear this one to church or other outings, but I always bring it along because I’ll need to re apply!




Third is this amazing matte lip cream from Ulta! This color is Bombshell and oooh baby. If you love Ulta you gotta try their brand of matte lip colors. This is by far my favorite formula of matte liquid lipstick- it doesn’t dry my lips out too much or make them look super cracked. And how pretty is this color!! I’m obsessed, y’all.

Especially because of my love for neutral clothes, this shade is perfect. It adds a little color to my otherwise monochromatic wardrobe (which is my favorite part about lipstick).

Little to no transfer with this guy, too. Can’t rave enough about it!

Sidenote – in the picture it looks shiny and a little orange because of the lighting. It’s described on Ulta’s site as a medium muted mauve and it lives up to that IRL. It also isn’t normally this shiny, I just had to put some Aquaphor on because my lips were dying. Note to self – maybe don’t apply and reapply lipstick 6 times in one day?

Moving on to some bolder colors….



Okay on to those of a more dramatic flavor. This was the first lipstick I bought after I took the quiz linked above, and I am still in love. This is more of a fall/winter color and I love wearing it with whites and greys so it really pops!

The “wine” color is so good for my cool skin tone and I love the contrast between it and my super light hair. This formula is a little dryer which makes it a little tougher to apply, so be careful!

I always have my concealer on hand when I apply deep colors like this one. I mess up at least once 🙈. Steady hands I have not.

Yes, this is elf. Yes, it was $3 and yes, it is great quality! Definitely a must have!



NYX liquid Lingerie in Corset – people this is BOLD. It’s a mix of grey and almost brown on my skin, which can definitely wash me out if I wear the wrong colors.

I have to choose really wisely what I wear this with, and it’ll usually be in the fall or winter. I’d wear this with maroon, navy, or forest green. Deep colors that flip flop my usual black & white clothes with a colorful lip.

Beware – these colors are really fun, but this formula is incredibly drying. I usually feel it sucking the life out of my lips pretty quickly. If you’re going to use it, I wouldn’t suggest wanting to wear it all day & definitely exfoliate and apply moisturizer to your lips beforehand!



If you know makeup, you know Anastasia kills the game. This one is Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Veronica. This is definitely the priciest of all my lipstick, and I only got this and the shade Crush because I got a Macy’s gift card as a gift (and what else do you buy at Macy’s?). I love finding deals and hardly ever spend more than $10 on lipstick.

This is the boldest color I have, by far. It makes me feel like a vampire! And how different does it look on vs. in the tube?? It’s a little crazy.

Here’s another picture to show how important lighting is with lipstick:


Ah! They all look so different! And yes, it’s the same one. That’s the gamble when you buy lipstick online, though. I almost took it back when I first tried it, but I’ve grown to like the crazy purple almost black color.

I will probably not wear this very often, only if I’m feeling bold and funky that day.

I love that lipstick is an accessory that can match your mood – the colors I choose definitely depend on how I’m feeling that day. So when I feel like a little crazy I will definitely pick up this guy.

Lipstick is all about your personality (and undertones) and how you’re feeling. I don’t always put it on, but I feel 10x better when I do.

Try the insane color, just go for it! I think I look a little insane in Veronica and Corset, but people always compliment them! Do you. Don’t let your doubts keep you from feeling how beautiful you are!


Did you figure out the best shades for you? Do you have questions about this? Want to know more? Share with me in the comments below!




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