fall work wardrobe wishlist

With a new job comes the desire for new clothes – a fresh start, a new beginning. Kinda like the first day of school.

If you’re starting a new job or just looking for some fresh fall work pieces, I’ve put together some options that fit within my budget.

On the budget note –

We’re not rich, by any means, so budgeting is really important to us. I make a budget for shopping and do my best to stick to it. By each paycheck, or by month, I plan out what I have to spend and then work really hard to get as much as I can for that amount.

I figured I’d share how I planned for this shopping haul – and how to purchase work clothes for under $150.

I usually keep a Pinterest board of my wishlists, and rotate them as the seasons change. That’s the easiest way to keep track of pieces I want to buy, especially if I want to purchase them online.



I have one, but it’s way too big, so I’m looking for a better fitting one.

Here are a few that I’ve found that won’t break the bank:

Topshop BlazerTopshop – $60

I love the sinched arms on this one, and how there’s only one button. It’s also a little longer, which is nice, so I won’t worry about pulling it down all day. Also – the $60 is a little too much for one piece. I don’t think I’d want to spend that much on a blazer, especially with the other pieces on my list.

HM blazer blackH&M – $35

This one is pretty classic. I don’t know a ton about fashion so I have no idea what the word for the collar would be, but I like that it has the detail on the collar. The pointy things – yeah? Oh well, you get the idea.

Nord Blazer

 Nordstrom – $48

Not black…still neutral enough. It’s long but not too long, and knit so it’ll be warm.

Old Navy blazer

Old Navy – $35

I’m leaning towards that last one from Old Navy because even thought it’s the same price as the H&M one, the ON one is twill which will be a little heavier and warmer for the winter.



I’ve been wearing my current pair every day and they’re basically worn through at this point.

I have black ones that are a little too narrow for my extra wide feet (ugh) and taupe ones that are torn and should probably be thrown away. I’m leaning towards buying some grey/ taupe ones this time.


Sole Society Romy

Romy bootie – $89.95

These are from Sole Society, which has become my favorite retailer for purses and shoes.

The Romy is suede with a 2 1/8″ block heel. This color is Taupe and I chose this one because it’s the closest to grey for this style – all the others are brown.

These are super cute if you’re looking for some brown booties – they have a chestnut color and a camel which is a little lighter.

I like the design of these and the heel height, but they’re a little too western for me.


Sole Society River

River bootie – $89.95

These are the River bootie in the color Mushroom.

They have a heel of 2 1/4″, which should be decently comfortable to walk around in at work. I also like that theses are grey – not brown. I’m not a huge fan of brown booties.

The only thing about these is that they are $90. When people say “less than $90!” and they’re $89.95, I’d like to punch them. So I high ball, because isn’t it better to see they’re less than that?

Also, on Sole Society, if you sign up for their emails, you get 15% off your first purchase. (I do this with any and every email address I have because DISCOUNT.) That makes these guys $76.45 !!

If I’m going to spend more than $50 on ANYTHING it has to be something that I will wear either every single day or more than once a week.

Those are splurge items for me, honestly. I ain’t fancy, y’all. Girl’s got a budget to stick to. As follows:

$76.45 + $35 = $111.45

Still some room for more! Woo! The leftover after this would be about $38.

Now the rest of my list includes the following:

  1. Pullover sweater
  2. Cardigan
  3. Pants

But the struggle of budget is real because which one of these can I get that’s great quality and still stay within budget?

Pants aren’t necessary because at my new job I can wear jeans. The sweaters though, are more important.


Pullover or Cardigan? That is the question.

Most days in the morning I’m too lazy to try to think about layers – so I’ll most likely go with the easier option and snag a pullover.

Here are a few I love that are under $40:

Pink Sweater Nord

Nordstrom – $39

I like this, but not a huge fan of things that would touch my neck…

Boucle pink

Nordstrom – $39

Much better.

cross back

Nordstrom – $29.49 ** on sale

I might have to get that one because it’s 50% off!! And the back is criss cross – so cute.

If you can’t tell – I love Nordstrom, because they have the best basics and it’s easy to return/they have free shipping.

So all in all –

Booties: $76.45 +

Blazer: $35 + shipping +

Sweater: $29.49

= $147.94


If there’s one thing that gets me excited, it’s being under budget.


On a side note – I’ve been debating doing this on a more seasonal basis so it’s not as often and possibly a higher budget, but I can’t decide if I’d like that more. What do you guys think?



Thanks for reading.



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