a binger’s guide to Netflix

To survive my two weeks of nothing to do, I need a good show to watch. I’ve been watching Friends from the beginning over and over again but it gets a little repetitive, so I want something more interesting.

I love crime shows – especially the weird shows on BBC that only last a season but are SO intense – and it all started with Criminal Minds.

I know in a little over a week I won’t have much time for Netflix anymore, so I want to watch as much as I can before then – a little ridiculous, I know. But I’m a little bit obsessed with finding new – good shows.

There are a few things I’m proud of – one of the ridiculous sounding ones is the fact that I know which shows to recommend to people.

If you’re looking for a new show to watch – look no further!

Here’s my list – separated by genre, of course. I’m nothing if not organized.

Feel Good Comedies

  1. Friends: a jock, class clown, science geek, weird hippie, cheerleader, and fat girl all hang out in a coffee shop when they should be at work

Obviously. This show is a mix of memorable quotes and hilarious, perfectly timed jokes. Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey. People we all wish were our real friends.

  1. Glee: singing, dancing, and drama

I always regretted not being in the show choir in high school. It wouldn’t have been exactly like it is in this show, but it makes me love this show. 

  1. How I Met Your Mother: the longest story of all time

This will always be one of my favorites. Ted is bae. 

  1. Parenthood: giant family, lots of tears

Okay be forewarned- this show WILL make you cry unless you’re a robot with no emotions. Also, Lauren Graham is amazing, but if you’ve watched Gilmore Girls, it might be a little weird at first that they aren’t calling her Lorelai. 

  1. New Girl: girl moves in with 3 boys

I watched this show with my husband and our roommate when we moved to Utah. We were basically living this show in real life – Nick is legitimately Schmidt. 

  1. Parks and Recreation: city hall employees hang out & make jokes & are overall amazing

Leslie Knope is queen. That’s all I have to say.

  1. Gilmore Girls: mother/daughter best friends

Duh, this one. This is my childhood in a TV show & if Netflix ever gets rid of it I’ll cry.

Intense Crime Thrillers

  1. Bones: brains and brawn solve murders 

Temperance Brennan & Ryan Booth are perfect together and I want to be their friend. No, I lied. I want to be Angela Montenegro.

2. Criminal Minds: FBI agents catch creepy people

Classic – and my all time favorite. This show is a little on the intense side, for sure. If you like crime shows with messed up people and serial killers, this is for you.

3. The Blacklist: criminal tattles on all his friends

WHOA BABY. This one is crazy too. I will not lie, this one is more intense than Criminal Minds in some ways. It’s pretty messed up, too. I had to stop watching before the last episode.

4. Sherlock: British guy can think quickly – solves crimes with his doctor friend

I love Benedict Cumberbatch. If you liked the Robert Downey, Jr. Sherlock movie, you will LOVE this show. Give yourself some time to watch this – they’re an hour long, but so worth it.

5. QuanticoFBI analysts in training and a love story

Plus, this is an FBI show that isn’t too bloody or creepy. If you’re not a fan of that but still like the thrillers, this is a good one!

6. Law and Order SVU: the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD solves sex crimes. DUN DUN

This is one of the most binge-worthy shows of all time. This show got me hooked on Netflix with the no commercials and complete access to every single possible episode. Let’s just say I got a few Cs in college and this might be the reason.

7. Hawaii Five-0: Steve McGarrett & Dan-O are best friends (sorta) and catch bad guys on Hawaii 

Nick & I watched this entire series together. It’s one of our favorites. He likes crime shows, but hates the creepy stuff. I love the crime & laugh out loud at the character interactions.

Political Dramas

  1. Scandal: Olivia Pope is a Gladiator & she fixes huge problems for important people
Bloody, sexy, and enthralling. Olivia Pope’s life is exciting. I do not wish I had her life, but I do wish I could be as confident and as badass as she is. Also I need one of those giant wine glasses.

2. Madam Secretary: A wife and mother asked to be Secretary of State gains a new family as she tries to keep up with her current one

I love the lighthearted comedy in this show. It contrasts the restlessness of diplomacy and makes Elizabeth McCord a real person instead of a diplomat no one can relate to.

What I’m watching now: 

Limitless: a guy finds and takes the drug that allows him to access every part of his brain and Bradley Cooper’s in it too

Pretty cool – great time killer. One season, not that exciting. I’ll have to find a new one soon!

Shows I haven’t seen that I’ve heard are amazing to binge:

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Supernatural
  3. Lost
  4. Ozark
  5. The Office (I’ve never liked this type of humor, though)

I might get into one of these after Limitless. Any other recommendations?


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