january recap

Goodness, January flew by! I can’t believe the first month of 2018 is over – whoa.

I love reflection. I have found a lot of value in processing what has happened in the past, and using it to gain perspective moving forward. This is a huge part of my relationship with God, as I can acknowledge the good things He’s done for me and notice things in hindsight that I missed in busy moments.


  1. I set goals for myself and reached one this month – posting every Monday
  2. Nick & I celebrated 2 years of living in Utah! What an incredible two years it’s been for us. We have been blessed so much by the decision to move.
  3. I posted about body image & exercise, tagged some of my favorite bloggers who are real and encouraging and one of them FOLLOWED ME BACK. Now this might seem like not a big deal, but I definitely geeked out. Her name is Jess Ann Kirby. Check her out: blog, Insta, Pinterest. I freaking love her honesty and incredible content.
  4. Decided my word for the year is: GRACE. Grace for myself and for others.
  5. I shared a more vulnerable post (the power of emotions) and worked on getting more vulnerable in real life too
  6. Agreed to try new things, including going snowboarding again……reluctantly, and singing at a wedding!
  7. Grew more confident in following my passion of blogging/sharing my heart with the world
  8. Became more comfortable with my style: cozy, casual neutrals always seemed so boring to me. But I LOVE them and I can’t stop buying them. So why fight it?
  9. Took my bestie out to dinner with two new girlfriends while the men had their own little date night
  10. Bought a million face masks and splurged on a skincare product I’ve had my eye on for months

A pretty simple post today, but one that excites me. If all this can happen in one month, what else can I be looking forward to? What progress can I expect next?

I highly recommend doing this at the end of each month. I actually went through and did this on the last day of January, which I’m hoping to do every month going forward. I might not share all of them on here, but I love being able to see progress this way.

Here’s to an equally amazing February that is already off to a great start!
What are you looking forward to this month? I’d love to hear!


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