about me

✌🏼I'm Erinn.

I'm a Christ follower, which means my relationship with Jesus is the most important one in my life.

I'm a textbook Leo – loyal, fiercely protective of her tribe, and honest. In other words, I have no filter.

I got married at 20 years old and my husband is my best friend.

Power outfit: dress, heels, lipstick

Home outfit: sports bra and joggers

I am the person who cringes at the wrong form of "your" and never lets her friends get away with bad grammar or spelling. I even refuse to buy things from companies with misspelled words in their marketing material. It makes me insane.

I have been shaped by struggles with insecurity and fear of rejection.

I found God in my failures and have since been learning to give myself, and others, grace.

I've been in therapy for almost a year after losing my brother in September of 2016, and I am always open to talking about it.

My brother lived with courage and I have been inspired by him to do the same every day. WKG is my biggest fear and greatest example of this goal.

By sharing my entire life – marriage, friendship, faith, clothes, beauty, hobbies, and struggles I face – I hope to inspire and encourage others to be vulnerable and have freedom from fear.

I am an open book – ask me anything you want, any time.