It’s been a minute, so here’s the happening lately: It’s not spring in Utah yet. Today it was 55 and that’s the highest it’s been thus far. People are on spring break trips in Florida and I’m chillin in the snow and cold. Weatherman says next week it’ll be 70s. Maybe. Yay, Utah. In other news, […]

two weeks!

  Right now I’m sitting in a cafe at Canyon’s Resort while the hubs shreds the fresh pow (did I really just say that?) and it’s been snowing for like 14 hours. As of tomorrow, it’ll be two weeks of Utah living. Two weeks of seeing mountains everywhere. Two weeks of trying to find comfort here, in a […]

day 4

It’s been about a week since I last posted. That can be explained by the fact that I left my laptop at home – ha, of course I did. Also because I’ve been trying to figure out what to say.   The entire trip across the country feels like a blur. We stopped in Kansas City […]